How Handsome Am I?

Beauty is something that stands out in society and while there are many versions of handsome this quiz will rate you on how traditionally handsome you are.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Absolutely Hideous
You literally could not be uglier if you tried. It must be tough being that disgustingly hideous. At least you are probably handsome on the inside and if you aren't well. . . yikes. Maybe in your next life?

Not Handsome
Let us put it simply you are not good-looking. Visually you are just not that appealing. Honestly though it could be worse as there are people who are uglier than you. Unfortunately, though there are way more people who are better looking.

Not Very Handsome
You are pretty middle of the road. A lit bit uglier than you'd probably like but not terrible. People aren't turning away from you in the street calling you a hideous monster, but you also aren't turning heads in a positive way.

Pretty Average Looking
You've got a face that is semi-forgettable. People aren't staring at you positively or negatively. You're a typical boy next door. You definitely get some interest from people but it isn't overwhelming.

Congratulations! At the very least you are pretty dang handsome. You've got a face that people love and can't get enough of and a smile that can melt anyone. You're used to getting attention and to be honest you enjoy it.

Drop Dead Gorgeous
Wow you are literally so incredibly handsome. It is unbelievable how good looking you actually are. You should honestly be in movies. There isn't anyone really who is better looking than you. Wow, just wow!