What Type Of Heart Do You Have?

Find out what kind of heart you have! All hearts are unique in what they yearn for and how they lead you through life, find out what kind of heart you have.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Brave Heart
You have a brave heart! You are not afraid to love, to show your true emotions, or to live your truth. Sure, you may have been hurt before but you certainly don't let it stop you from living and loving.

Heart of Gold
You have a heart of gold! You are just, giving, and fair. Your kindness and love knows no bounds and you are destined to bring more good into the world. You're love is a rare and beautiful thing that many cherish.

Intuitive Heart
You have an intuitive heart! Rather than be ruled by your head or your gut, you let your heart make the major calls- and it's always right. Trust your heart and follow it as your guide to find love and happiness.

Soulful Heart
You have a soulful heart! When you feel you feel deep. You are more likely than not a creative soul and ready to bare your emotions at a moment's notice if given the opportunity. You have a story to tell.

Protected Heart
You have a protected heart. You do not share your heart easily due to your past or to your on instincts but when you do it is worth it. You are cautious in love and major decisions but also very practical.

Open Heart
You have an open heart! You are willing to love and cry and feel and live. Yes, you've been hurt before but you figure that's how it goes and would rather look toward future hope, love, and happiness in life.