Am I Needy?

Do you constantly need things from others? Do you cling to friends and family without letting go? Find out if you're actually a needy person with this quiz right now!

Tags: Personality, Poor

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not A Needy Person At All
There isn't a single quality about you that makes you a needy person according to this quiz. You're actually the opposite, and you don't want or need anything from anyone ever. It's okay to ask for help sometimes. Just don't forget that.

Not Very Needy
It's okay to ask for help once in a while, and obviously, we all need something here and there. It seems like that's where you're at right now. You're not very needy, but you have your moments. That's perfectly okay. We all do! You're doing fine.

Kind Of Needy
It might depend on who you're with, but you are someone that is kind of needy. It could be that you need attention or that you constantly are looking for more. It's nice to be happy with what you have from time to time. Try it out. You'll like it.

A Little Needy
You aren't begging on the street corner needy, but if there's something you want, you aren't afraid to ask for it. That makes you a little needy. It's okay to want some things, but just remember that you need to work for yourself to get it too. Don't just expect everyone to hand you what you want in life.

Pretty Needy
There are a few things that you handle on your own without needing anything, but you are pretty needy most of the time. Those that are close to you have likely already figured this out, and they may have even mentioned it to you. Just stop and try and be a little more independent. It's going to be better for everyone.

Extremely Needy
You are one of those people that is constantly needy. It doesn't matter if your friend shows up with french fries or if you're in a group and you're not getting any attention. You want the fries and all eyes pointing on you. It's going to get to people, so you should start doing things without being so needy all the time.