Basketball Slang

You might be a master on the court, but how well do you know the slang that goes along with basketball? Enjoy this fun basketball slang trivia quiz now!

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an air ball
In basketball terms, an air ball is a poor shot that doesn't go into the basket or hit the rim or even the backboard! Just like in a real game, you may have to practice your basketball lingo to improve your slang-talking technique! Why not learn it on the court?

a brick
In basketball terms, a brick is a poor shot that doesn't go into the basket, but hits the rim or backboard. You should be commended for your effort, but you still have a lot to learn when it comes to basketball slang. Why not learn it on the court during your next game?

needs an assist
An assist is when another player on your team passes you the ball so you can score. You were able to answer some of the basic questions on your own, but you need a little help from your team if you want to score a perfect score on our challenging slang quiz.

half court
In basketball terms, half court is a term that refers to the middle of the basketball court. Just like in the game, you are about halfway to being a master of basketball slang terms! Keep practicing on and off the court if you want a perfect score!

a three-pointer
A three-pointer is a shot that you take and score from behind the three-point line. It's a very difficult shot so only really good players can make it! You must be a pretty smart person to get so close to a perfect score in this basketball slang game!

full court
When it comes to basketball slang terms, you've got game! If you are as much of a beast on the court as you are off, you must be an amazing team player! Excellent job on the quiz, and keep up the good work!