Can We Guess Your Crush'S Name?

If you're crushing on a guy, this quiz is for you. Answer a few questions about yourself and your crush, and we will try to guess what your crush's name is.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your crush's name is William. William is a cookie cutter good guy. He's a low-risk choice that promises security and no drama. The only downside to Will is that maybe he might be too much of a good guy. But overall, everyone wishes they could have a William of their own.

Your crush's name is Jay. Jay is a good time, but he's not really marriage material. If you're just looking for some fun without the risk of getting hurt, then Jay is the guy for you. He will treat you right and always try to make you smile.

Your crush's name is Michael. Michael is in it for the long run. He knows how to commit, and he's not afraid of it. He's the type of person every parent dreams of for their child. If you're looking to settle down, then you've found your man.

Your crush's name is Johnny. Johnny is a modern day hippie who loves everything and everyone. He is adventurous and spontaneous. His fun-loving nature naturally draws people to him even if he might take off on a spur-of-the-moment adventure.

Your crush's name is Alex. Alex is focused on his career and motivated to succeed in anything he does. You admire his dedication and passion for his professional life. You can never go wrong with an intelligent guy who knows what he wants.

Your crush's name is Gary. Gary is a flirt, but he sure knows a good time. He loves socializing with anyone and everyone. With his outgoing nature, it's no surprise that he is the life of the party and everyone is naturally drawn to him, including you.