Thomas Jefferson Trivia

Do you know a lot about Thomas Jefferson or nothing at all? Why not find out? Take this quiz to see how much you know about this American Leader. Can you beat it?

Tags: History, Democracy, Revolution

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You didn't even come close to winning this Thomas Jefferson trivia challenge. But, now that you've seen the correct answers you know a whole lot more about this founding father. Use that knowledge to learn even more about him.

Didn't win
You didn't lose either. You did okay in this Thomas Jefferson trivia challenge. Not great, but not terrible either. You still have a lot more to learn about this founding father, but now that you have the correct answers, you're off to a good start.

Did well
You did pretty nicely in this little Thomas Jefferson trivia challenge. Good for you! You didn't ace it, but you can be proud of beating out almost everyone else. Now that you have the correct answers, you're almost an expert!

You are the ultimate Thomas Jefferson trivia challenge winner. You absolutely aced it. Good job, you! Since you know so much about this founding father of the United States you should share that knowledge with your friends!