What Kind Of Leader Are You?

Tell us how you handle yourself in certain situations and we'll tell you what kind of leader you are.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Who-Really-Cares Leader
You're so easy going that some might rightfully question if you even care about your job, but your opinion is that it's better to be liked than hated so you don't really ruffle any feathers. You work by your own ethic which is not always clear to others, but your aloof charm prevents moods from souring against you.

You like to have authority and make the final call about situations. You have the Machiavellian belief that 'it is better to be feared than loved' because people do what you say more often if they think there will be consequences for doing otherwise. People do what you say because they are trying to avoid a negative reaction.

Democratic/Team-Based Leader
You're the ultimate leader because you listen to your team and work hard to take action on their concerns. You are likely to befriend anyone who you are responsible for because you are so easy to talk to and understanding that people trust you easily.

Good Cop/Bad Cop in One
People sometimes don't know which side of you they are going to see. You can be relaxed and easy going sometimes but others you are triggered to go off at the slightest thing. As a result you have a lot of very close friends and a lot of frenemies.

Motivational Leader
You bring out the best in people and always encourage your friends and teammates to go the extra mile or try something new without fear of embarrassment or judgment. You have a calming wisdom that allows people to truly be vulnerable around you.

Push-Over Leader
You hate to disappoint people so you are likely to just try to accommodate every request, even if it means spending your own money or time to make it work. People know that if they ask you a favor, you will say yes and find a way to do it.