What Do You Believe In Life?

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You Believe Everything Will Eventually Pass
No matter how difficult life may seem at the time, you believe that the hardships will eventually pass. You look towards the silver lining and you know something great will be waiting for you afterwards.

Peace Is The Only Way To Go
Whether you're trying to make a decision or someone has done you wrong, you believe peace is the only right way. You know that inner peace will eventually translate to outer peace. You don't believe anger and violence will solve anything.

Change Is The Only Constant In Life
Nothing is concrete in life except for change. You should always believe that the bad times will eventually pass. You don't worry too much about the past for you live for the future.

Follow Your Passion
You've probably heard advice that you shouldn't follow your passion because you'll only be unhappy in the end. You know that's not true though and you want to follow your passion because you only live once.

You Believe In Humility
You believe that if you have empathy and try to understand others, you'll eventually find happiness within yourself. If you judge others, you know that you'll only end up finding despair.