How Genuine Are You?

Wondering how genuine you are? Whether it's a lot, or just a little? Whether you're original, or not? Whether you actually care as much as you claim to?

Tags: Personality, Self-Esteem, Lies

Here are all the results with descriptions

Super Genuine
You have a high self-esteem, without being cocky. You speak your mind, and keep things direct rather than dancing around subjects. You even lead your life, and make choices, that are authentic to you and your own beliefs, rather than those from communities in which you were raised. Never threatened by failure, you admit your faults, and never blame others for your own mistakes.

Moderately Genuine
You don't always speak your mind, for fear of insulting someone. You also struggle taking and giving compliments, as well as not judging others. But you know what? You're still more genuine than most.

Not Very Genuine
You don't practice what you preach, and you don't preach what you practice. You judge others, you come across fake, you have frenemies, and your self-esteem is lacking, even if you'd never admit it outloud. Not very genuine!