What Would You Take To A Desert Island?

People have probably asked you what book or movie you'd take to a desert island. But what would you really take? Are you practical or self-indulgent? Find out!

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Whether it's an AM or short wave radio, you just have to have a way to stay up to date on what's happening in the outside world. Of course, you could have a sat phone, but then you wouldn't be too stuck would you?

Aloe Vera plant
It would be really hard for you to keep your sanity on a desert island without SOME sort of body luxury. The salt, the sand, the sun would irritate you so much. We would say you'd take lotion, but you're smarter than that. You'd take an aloe plant and make sure that it multiplied so you'd have aloe for years and years.

You can handle almost all of the aspects of survival with your wits and your bare hands, but you absolutely must have the luxury of a good night's sleep. Palm fronds are great, but they're not the best pillow material. You've got to have the real thing.

Paper and a BIG box of crayons
Your mind must be constantly entertained. So how are you going to deal with that on a desert island? By contriving ways to entertain yourself. You can draw a deck of playing cards, a deck of tarot cards, solitaire board games, write stories, draw a graphic novel, and all kinds of things.

You can weave your own hammock, you can rub sticks together for fire, you can make sand castles to decorate the place. But you need to take your sweet sweet music with you. Even if you don't know how to play yet, learning will be a way to while away the hours - or years.

A person
You didn't think of that, did you? It's an answer almost no one gives because they assume they'd have to be alone. But two brains are better than one and you have a better chance of survival if you have someone to connect with.