Which Character From Greek Mythology Are You?

The Greek classics have timeless elements that carry into present day. Which character do you most identify with from Greek mythology?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are driven by love for those close to you and feel a deep sense of compassion for others. You can't bear to see others suffering and will inconvenience yourself to offer help to someone in need. Your good nature attracts many people to you.

You are very strong, not just physically. You tend to take on other people's burdens and problems as your own in an effort to cheer them up. You are known not just for your strength but your quick wit which you also use to get out of trouble when strength won't help.

You are a wanderer and restless person. You don't tend to want to make commitments because youre never sure where life is going to take you and you don't want to feel restricted. You romanticize the world and often give in to indulgence.

You are a natural leader and good at being in charge, but you sometimes suffer ill moods when things don't go as you expect them to. You contribute great things to the lives of people around you, but you can also occasionally meddle too much in their affairs.

Helen of Troy
You carry around the weight of others' admiration. You sometimes feel stifled that you can't be your true self because of other people's expectations of you. Despite this, you remain very unique and intense, and this inspires others.

You are like the Katniss of the Greek characters, Artemis. You're very caring towards women and animals especially, can survive and thrive on your own in the wild or the city, and are very industrious. You can be stubborn but you're not unkind.