Which New York Borough Should You Live In?

New York has a lot of style and a lot of attitude. Make sure you know which borough is your best shot.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

in Brooklyn
You have a relaxed approach to life and try not to succumb to external pressure when living your life. Brooklyn will have the comfortable pace you like as well as the access to arts, good food, cheaper (by a little) rent, and a neighborhood feel.

in Manhattan
Money is not a big concern for you so you don't mind the higher prices for living in Manhattan. In your mind, the convenience of location is a good enough trade off. You feel totally confortable in busy, high-traffic areas and are never phased by the crowds.

in Queens
You have a home-grown aesthetic in your life and feel passionately about supporting your community and staying true to your roots. You'll like the distinct neighboorhoods and liveliness you'll experience in Queens. It is the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world, according to Wikipedia.

in the Bronx
A little bit Brooklyn, a little Queens, the Bronx is also its totally own place, a uniqueness you'll love it for. Doesn't have the same high-fallutin feel that one can find in Manhattan, so it lends to a positive humanity for the place. It's the only borough on the Mainland.

on Staten Island
You've always felt like a bit of a lone wolf, so why not head out to a place you can really disappear and do your own thing? This is the least populared borough so you'll have the privacy the other areas lack.

Skip the city altogether, you'll be happier up North somewhere like Albany. You really detest dirty streets and crowds, so why subject yourself to New York City at all? You know how it is. Head up north and find all the trees, parks, and peace that you seek.