What Does My Name Mean In The Bible?

Names can have more meaning than one especially if they're considered to be biblical. Take this quiz and you can discover what your name means in the bible.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The meaning of your name actually has multiple meanings. It first can refer to creating offspring in which you pass down your beliefs to and it can secondly remind you to live a fruitful life in which you and God can be proud of.

You are as faithful as your name suggests. You believe wholeheartedly in God and you are steadfast in all of your beliefs. You are one to be kind and to spread the good word to all those who are willing to listen.

High Mountain
You have a deep connection to nature as well as your spiritual beliefs. Your name meaning 'high mountain' encompasses both of those deeply. It reminds us of Moses and him receiving the ten commandments from God.

Like many kings throughout the Bible, you are a ruler. Where you lead others will follow and that is why it is important to lead by example and live a good life. Don't forget about the ultimate ruler either!

Watchful, Vigilant
Your name is super unique and the meaning behind it suits you perfectly. You are always aware of your surroundings. When you see that someone needs help or that injustice is happening you are the first to step in.

Gift Of God
Your name is so special because of its meaning. You know that God created you and made you perfectly in his image. It is your job to go forth and to live a good life and to be kind to others as God would want.