Is He Your Soulmate?

Have you met a guy who seems to have everything you've been looking for? He may be your soulmate, but you won't know for sure until ou take this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

definitely your soulmate
The evidence points to one conclusion: You have found your soulmate. This man ticks all your boxes and you seem to match perfectly. Even with a soulmate, relationships take hard work! However, they are worth the effort.

quite possibly your soulmate
The evidence isn't 100% conclusive, but the signs look good: This man is probably your soulmate. He seems to tick most of the boxes, but don't make a hasty decision. If he really is your soulmate, time will tell!

one of your soulmates
What if you have more than one soulmate? Some people have more than one match. The evidence indicates that this man can be your soulmate, but you would match well with others also. You are spoiled for choice!

probably not your soulmate
The evidence isn't 100% conclusive, but the signs don't look good: This man is not likely your soulmate. Though he may seem to fit some of your requirements, there are some red flags that may indicate trouble!

definitely not your soulmate
Unfortunately, this man is not your soulmate. Does that mean you should throw in the towel? If you have already made a commitment, you can still have a good relationship if you put in the work. However, if you haven't committed, you may decide to look for an easier match.

no one's soulmate
Have you ever heard the saying, 'There's someone for everyone. Well, it's not true. This guy doesn't sound like he would make a good match for anyone. Maybe he's not ready for a relationship or maybe he's not a nice person. If you date him, you will probably end up hurt.