Which Grammar Rule Reflects Your Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You know when to end a conversation before it gets out of hand! You stand up for yourself and don't like when people go on and on about a topic that you're not interested in. For sure you're period and not that kind that happens monthly.

Exclamation Mark
You are loud and fun to be around. People love your company because you know how to have a good time.You are an explanation mark. Oops! Exclamation mark!

Question Mark
People have no idea what they're going to get with you! Your moods fluctuate as often as you change underwear. You can be super confusing at times and awkward. You are the question mark!

Semi Colon
You are an inspiration to yourself and others around you. You always lend a hand to those in need and stand up for what's right. You go above and beyond for others and are loved for it.

Quotation Mark
You are really smart and can quote anything. Your friends call you a walking encyclopedia and that's because you pretty much know everything. Just call yourself Google or maybe just an annoying know-it-all.