What Is Your Real Zodiac Sign?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are brave, independent, and assertive. A slave to your impulses, you hate to be restricted or kept in a box.

Though you can be a bit stubborn, you have very good taste and are down-to-earth. You've often be described as sensual and pleasure-seeking, so you expect much in terms of love.

You are enthusiastic and full of life, and always crave for accomplishing new and interesting things! You are a born intellectual, always interested in learning numerous subjects.

You are both practical and sensitive, you love your friends, and you hate to argue. You are quite the people person, but you're intelligent too - you forgive others, but you never forget.

You are creative, popular, and faithful to your friends. Though some may say you have too MUCH pride, you know it's because you have worked hard to get where you are.

Clever and creative, you are a very successful person. Though you are known to lead others on, you enjoy pleasing your friends and family.

Though you are known to be indecisive and have complicated love relationships, friends see you as irresistible and adventurous. You enjoy keeping your life in balance, and you are meticulously organized.

You are wise and powerful. Self-reliant and dominant - you are the epitome of independence.

You are both open-minded and over-achieving. Though some may call you insensitive, you know that it takes you awhile to trust others and open up to them. Once you do, they'll know you are understanding and caring.

You are hardworking, straightforward, and stubborn. Loyal to your friends to the end, you will not stop until you make it to the top and bring them with you.

You are innovative and eccentric. Others admire you, and you know that you're a true trendsetter.

You are free-spirited and alluring. You may not be able to be alone for very long periods of time, but your sensual nature attracts many admirers.