Is My Third Eye Open?

The third eye is one of the most interesting of the chakras. It is the opening to higher states of consciousness. Is your third eye open? Take the quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your third eye is closed and not in use. Opening your third eye will increase your perception beyond what you can see and sense physically. You may or may not want to do this. If your third eye is closed, it might be because your subconscious doesn't want to see.

Barely open
Your third eye is open just a little bit. Perhaps it is awakening, or, it could be that your subconscious doesn't want it to fully open. If you want it open to experience greater meditation rather than psychic ability, focus on meditation to open your third eye a little more.

Mostly open
Your third eye is open but you still have room for further development of your third eye. What may be keeping you from fully opening your third eye might be an imbalance in another chakra. Take an assessment of your balance and see what could be improved.

Your third eye is open. Now how do you process all of the information that is coming through? It can be challenging to discern what all of the images and other bits of perception mean - especially when some of it is so strange!

Wide open
You already knew your third eye was open, didn't you? It's so open you probably travel through the astral plane day and night! Just be sure that you don't leave your other chakras out in the cold. And be sure to also pay a little bit of attention to the world you live in now!