Find Your Historical Leader Soul Mate!

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Alexander the Great
Your historical leader soul mate is Alexander the Great! Alexander the Great was the King of Macedonia, though he was known for conquering the world and ruling over everything from India to Egypt to Greece. His greatest strengths were his skill in the military and his vision for the future.

Mahatma Gandhi
Your historical leader soul mate is Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi believed in peaceful resistance, and he led India against tyranny and oppression with non-violent acts and a deep faith in the truth.

George Washington
Your historical leader soul mate is George Washington! George Washington led the American Revolution and helped the United States gain independence. He was great at making difficult decisions and had a powerful vision for the future of his country.

Che Guevara
Your historical leader soul mate is Che Guevara! Che Guevara was instrumental in the Cuban Revolution and is a symbol of rebellion and compassion. He was a man of great charisma and wanted nothing more than to do good for others.

Ashoka the Great
Your historical leader soul mate is Ashoka the Great! Ashoka the Great was the last emperor of the Indian empire of Maurya, and the first Buddhist ruler. He was known for his compassion and kindness. He was deeply moved by suffering, banned slavery and animal cruelty, and gave up his wealth and his throne to live a spiritual life.