Which Board Game Should You Play?

Take our quiz and find out which board game you should play!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Candy Land
You like to take it easy and avoid conflict whenever possible. You get the most joy out of simple times with friends, where everyone is getting along and it doesn't take a lot of work. Candy Land requires no competition or decision making, just following directions!

Settlers of Catan
You are very analytical and you love planning and organizing. You do well when there is strategy involved and you get the chance to learn something new, but you don't love super intellectual things. Settlers of Catan is a good game to get into when you want a little challenge without being over the top.

You like games where you have a high chance of smashing the competition and proving your worth. Monopoly is a good real-world type game that gives lessons in finances, real estate, and how easy it is to win or lose in this dog-eat-dog economy!

You are always interested in the activities that the most people can participate in, and the easy learning curve and all-ages appeal of Sorry! meet all your standards. You prefer to not get too competitive and rather focus on some light-hearted time with friends and family, so the quick games of Sorry! will never disappoint.

You are obsessed with words, literature, and learning, and love the puzzle aspect of word games like Scrabble. You like games where you have to think and have a chance to show your vocab and strategy, so a multiplayer board game like Scrabble is ideal for you.

You are a big time thinker and planner, so games like chess where every move matters and has implications for the rest of the game are right up your alley. You love to go back and reflect on what went wrong or right in a game so you can optimize your chances of learning from each game you play.