Which Interior Decoration Style is For You?

Deciding on a design for your rooms is a big decision. What style should you choose that best describes who you are?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You should decorate your home in the Traditional style. Traditionalists love classic and elegant furniture, symmetry and comfort, and expensive, tasteful pieces like glass chandeliers and gorgeous statues, Despite their perfectionism in decor, however, they are willing to challenge themselves by borrowing from other styles to add as accent pieces that work surprisingly with their sophisticated designs.

You should decorate in the modern style. Modern is all about clean lines, basic shapes, primary colors and white and black. It's a simplicity so striking and profound, that it's actually deep and complicated--if that makes any sense to you. And it probably does, because that's basically your personality summed up in a few words.

You should decorate your home in the Southwestern style! Southwestern homes are decorated in the soft colors and earth tones of the desert, interesting textures on the walls and floors, and should convey an artsy, relaxed and smooth type of feeling and ambiance throughout your home. You're probably very artistic and creative, and a Southwestern style will encourage your creativity and keep those ideas flowing!

You should decorate your home in a Rustic style! Rugged, outdoorsy and athletic, you love camping, fishing, hiking, and anything else that helps you to feel closer in nature. Your ideal home interior would feature beautiful hardwood floors, stone and brick, and as many natural, raw materials as possible.

You should decorate your home in the Industrial style! Industrial interior designs are based on a sort of factory-turned-into-home idea, and feature lots of 'unfinished' touches like exposed piping, steel, and unpainted or brick walls. Industrial homes are the best designs for innovative but busy, ambitious people that spend a lot of time outside the home, probably running the rat race.

Shabby Chic
You should decorate your home in the Shabby Chic style! Despite being a hopless romantic, you're also an individual, and this design reflects the both the soft and feminine aspects of your personality, as well as the artsy, unique and eccentric side of you. Shabby chic is defined by elegant furniture and distressed but gorgeous antique pieces, like tea sets and vases filled with beautiful, silk flowers.