Which Farm Animal Are You?

Farm animals sure are cute. Which one would you be? Take this quiz to find out where you'd fit in on the farm.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are calm, reserved, and kind. People know you for your honesty and appreciate you for staying true to yourself. Because of your positive attributes, you easily blend in with others and enjoy being in large groups--or herds, we should say!

You are charming, even when you're a bit sloppy, but hey, that's one of your many charms! People like you for your casual demeanor, and you are not one to judge others--unless they love bacon!

You are self-starting, motivated, and known for being the first one up in the morning. You let your voice be heard when necessary, but you're quiet when you should be. People admire you for your strength and accountability--and they know they can count on you for that early-morning wake-up call!

You are the strong and silent type, but when you do speak, your words matter. You are happiest when you have a job to do, and if someone earns your trust, they have a friend for life--you'd even give them a ride on your back if you had to!

You can be a tad loud and a bit messy, but people like you for your fun personality. You've got a lot to say, and you're not shy about voicing your opinions! And there's a whole lot of wiggle in that walk to back it up!

You're cute, happy, and full of energy, and you make new friends easily. You may be a little noisy from time to time, but people love you for your sweet smile and bubbly personality.