What Kind Of Friend Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Funny Friend
Your friends can always count on you to inject humor into even the most stressful situations and make them all laugh. You are optimistic and cheerful, always happy-go-lucky and definitely refreshing to have as a friend when times get tough.

The Responsible Friend
You're the person your friends can depend on to tell them when a crazy idea of theirs is just plain stupid and not going to work. You're the one people trust to babysit their pets, house, and kids because you're definitely the most mature one of your entire friend group. That isn't saying that you won't let loose sometimes though - it's just that everyone knows you're the last person to miss work after a big night out!

The Protective Friend
You're the person your friends know will care for them and give them a little TLC when times get rough. You have strong protective, parental tendencies, and you've probably saved more than a friend or two from bad dates or dangerous situations!

The Spontaneous Friend
You're free-spirited, and you're not afraid to march to the beat of your own drum. You're the friend who suggests throwing a fake bachelor party to cheer someone up, or taking a spontaneous road trip without knowing your destination. Your friends know that whenever you're around, they'll go on an adventure and have an experience to remember.

The Loyal Friend
You're the friend who has been there since the beginning, and others know that they can always count on you to be there, no matter how badly or rudely they may treat you sometimes. That isn't to say that you're a pushover - you just know what it means to be a true friend, to always be loyal, and to always be there for the people you love.