Are You a Phone, iPad or Tablet?

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You are always connected and plugged in. You get pings whether it's your distant cousin's birthday, a concert is happening in your town, or your ex-coworker checks in at a nearby restaurant. Sure, it's not always the most useful info to have, but it helps you make sense of the world. Plus, you feel pretty cool always having the answer to anything at your fingertips.

You like to have a different gadget for different tasks. For example, reading articles on your phone in bed is not nearly as nice as reading on the larger screen of your iPad. Phones are for on the go, iPads are for home and study.

You don't mind sacrificing aesthetic for increased functionality as well as a price break. You like the increased processing power of tablets over smartphones, but don't need the flashiness of Apple designs that inevitably break the bank and go out-of-date too soon.

Flip phone
You're very old-fashioned, and your friends may joke that you're a Luddite. Flip phones were innovative enough in their time, and they still work for you. Why fix what isn't broken? In your mind, the smarter the phone, the dumber the owner, so you're perfectly content with the make and model you got a decade ago.

Half flip phone, half smartphone
You have old-fashioned ideals but a modern sensibility. You like a vintage make and model, but you're not so out of touch that you're unaware of the trends and developments of today. You're thinking about upgrading, but haven't been seduced by any new gadget just yet.

You simply have too much to do to get it all done on a pocket computer, so why force it? Sure, sending off a simple email or text is fine on a smartphone, but for watching videos and looking at and editing photos, you want a big screen. Plus, it can double as a TV with a Netflix account, and that's nothing to sneeze at.