Where Were You Born In A Past Life?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You born in Russia in a past life. You were a free spirit who believed in breaking the rules and living life to the fullest. You value individuality and chaos.

You were born in Brazil in a past life. You were a fun-loving person who was open, honest, and approachable. You valued kindness and genuine people.

You were born in China in a past life. You were a hard working and virtuous person who took pride in your status and abilities. You excelled in life and valued your work and family.

You were born in Australia in a past life. You were a laid back and easygoing person who was also adventurous and fun. You were fearless, confident and happy.

You were born in Madagascar in a past life. You were extremely friendly and hospitable. You took care of the people you loved and would give the shirt off your back for a friend.