What Cuisine Do You Need to Try?

Are you a foodie, or just someone who need expand their horizons? Perhaps you could try eating something different. Take this quiz and find out what cuisine you should try.

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1. How do you feel about spicy food?
HATE it! LOVE it! I like a little spice sometimes.

2. How do you feel about vegetables?
Hate them. Love them. I do not like weird ones.

3. Which of these landscapes sounds the most beautiful?
tropics with mountains temperate with mountains green, hilly, and rural

5. Which is your favorite starch?
potatoes rice grain or bread

Here are all the results with descriptions

Korean Food!
Spicy kimchi, meat, vegetables, and soups - Korean food has it all. It is like comfort food and fusion food with just a little excitement and danger rolled into one. Yes, there are plenty of vegetables and fermented foods, and octopus and squid. But if you like beef, chicken, pork, and tofu, you have a friend in Korean food, especially if you want to lose weight - they say kimchi is the magic bullet!

Hawaiian Food!
Aloha! When you think of Hawaii, you may think of the tropics, of paradise, or of volcanoes and insanely expensive real estate, but do you think fusion food? The Hawaiian-inspired poke bowl has become more popular in the continental United States, but there is more to Hawaiian food that Kalua pork, Spam, and pineapples. Hawaiian food is a blend of Polynesian, Filipino, American, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and more.

Ethiopian Food!
Spicy and communal, Ethiopian food is meant to be shared and meant to be explored. Lots of little spicy dishes to be eaten up with spicy injera bread, Ethiopian is a great dinner for a date or a night out with friends and family. There is something for everyone, from the die-hard meat lover to the vegan, so long as you like flavor and spice. Remember - eat with your right hand only. There is an art to scooping up food with injera.

Peruvian Food!
Peruvian food is a fusion of traditional South American food and Latin American food. Tubers, maize, grains, and fresh ingredients: this is not Mexican or Latin food, nor is it tropical cuisine. If you have had quinoa, you have had a Peruvian staple. This is good for someone who likes flavor but not necessarily heat and leans more toward filling carb-laden foods, so forget your paleo diet, because Peruvian is a vegetarians delight.

Irish Food!
You may think bland when you think of Irish food, but in recent times, it has been having somewhat of a resurgence in interest. Irish food is a potato lovers dream, and for many, it may be like putting on a warm blanket. The emphasis on potatoes, dairy, grains, and meat is known; however, there are lots of vegetables like cabbage, soups, and stews. The food is simply prepared with few spices and herbs to let the natural flavors shine.