What Career Are You Not Meant For?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Doctor would be a career you couldn't handle at all. You probably happen to be a bit squeamish of blood and couldn't handle seeing all the gruesome injuries. You don't think you'd be able to work long and hard hours and you'd rather prefer something more relaxed.

One career that you just couldn't do would be a chef. You may like eating food but you don't think you'd enjoy prepping and cooking abundant amounts of food. You rather just sit and enjoy the food instead.

One career you wouldn't be good for is that of an artist. You don't really a creative bone in your body when it comes to creating art and you know you wouldn't succeed in that field.

One career that you wouldn't be suited for is a model. While you're most likely good-looking, your problem would actually be the spotlight. You don't think you could handle everyone focusing on you and what you're doing.

One career that you wouldn't be suited for is being a scientist. You've never really been into math or science and you don't think you would do well in an academic career. You'd like something a bit easier and relaxing.