What Type Of Car Should You Drive?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Volkswagen Bug
Nothing puts a bigger smile on others' faces than seeing someone drive by in a shiny VW Beetle. Similarly, you enjoy making other people happy. You are cheerful, optimistic, and a true glass-half-full type of person!

Range Rover
The Range Rover is the perfect car for the adventure-seeker. You always are looking for an adrenaline rush, the next big adventure. This heavy duty, able to go anywhere vehicle is the perfect type for you!

Ford Mustang
The Ford Mustang is a classic, a true people pleaser. You are a "yes" person, a great multi-tasker, someone with big ambitions. Determined and hard working, the Ford Mustang - a car that shows that you've made it in life - is the perfect car for you.

Imagine going on a road trip and letting your hair flow completely freely in the wind. That's what a convertible will let you do! You're a free-spirit - carefree and happy. Never stop marching to the beat of your own drum!

The SUV has enough room to fit lots of family members or a whole gang of friends! You are social and outgoing. You are fiercely loyal and warm-hearted towards those you care about. This is the perfect car for you, as you'll be able to take the people you love most with you wherever you go!