What Dog Breed Are You?

A fun quiz that ask a series of questions that will show you what type of dog breed you are. Answer these questions to get an idea of what dog you would be.


Here are all the results with descriptions

German shepard
You are the dependable type, people can count on you to come through in just about any situation. You are a people person, you are a humanitarian, you are someone that is helpful and genuinely cares about people.

You are the center of attention or well at least that is what you seem to think. You are very vain and into yourself. You believe that the world revolves around you and people should focus on you above anyone else.

You are an athlete you are a fierce competitor, even if you are past your prime this version of you is still better than most people half your age. You are elite on a level that most people dream about.

Rat terrier
You are a small person and you have a small person complex. The proper term for it would be Napoleon complex. You have always had some underlying problem with people that are bigger than you and sometimes it shows.

You are a the type to be a civil servant. Police officer or fire fighter are the type of careers a person like you would thrive in. You are a selfless individual that enjoys helping your community.

You are a protector you are physically intimidating to most and that is why you are so misunderstood. You are not a small person in stature and you seem to have a natural scowl on your face, so it is easy for people to assume that you are mean when you are not.