Who Would You Have Been in the Wild, Wild West?

Are you a good guy or a bad guy? Find out by taking our quiz!

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Sheriff
As the Sheriff of the town, you're used to respect, privilege, and getting your own way. You enjoy keeping things quiet and peaceful, but aren't afraid to kick up the dust when people start action up. Some may think you're corrupt, and you just may be. But what's wrong with a little tiny bit of corruption when you're working so hard at keeping everybody safe?

The Wanted Outlaw
You're always on the run from somewhere, with a bandana over your face to keep people from recognizing you from all those wanted posters tacked up all over the state. You carry a gun and are known as the best shot across the nation. As feared and terrifying as you are, you're also charming, sexy and charismatic which has gotten you out of more sticky situations than you can count.

The Owner of the General Store
Friendly, entrepreneurial, and a born conversationalist, you are the owner of the general store. You know everything there is to know about everyone in the town, and always have all the details regarding the latest scandals. You're somewhat of a funnel for the local news, and people visit you every day to buy your wares and get an earful.

The Lonely Drifter
You are the lonely drifter. You move from place to place like a rolling stone, stopping only to rest your horse and get a good meal in your stomach before continuing on your meandering journey to nowhere. You mind your own business and keep to yourself, which makes you the talk of each town you ride into.

The Bartender at the Local Saloon
From your lofty place behind the bar of the town's only Saloon, you keep the people merry and dancing throughout the night. You're friendly and affable enough to the regulars, but don't take kindly to strangers you're known to turn stone cold and quick to pull out your rifle when a new face walks in those swinging double doors of your saloon.

The Town Drunk
You're the town drunk. You're either drinking at the saloon, staggering down the street, or sleeping it off next to a cactus somewhere in the desert. Shape up, cowboy or you're bound to be bitten by a rattlesnake or killed in a brawl at the bar.