What Color Is Your Ego?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are outgoing and social. Whenever you walk into a room, you always become the life of the party. The color of your ego is a vibrant one to match your personality - orange!

You are creative and cheerful. You have a 'glass half full' outlook on life, and your friends and family can count on you to make their days brighter with a simple smile or thoughtful hand-made gift. The color of your ego is just as sunny as your personality - yellow!

You are ambitious and determined to succeed. Your work ethic is matched by no one, and you will continue working hard until you meet your big life goals. The color of your ego is one of deep passion because you are passionate about the work that you are doing and achieving success - red!

You have a very adventurous spirit. You love going new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new things. You have a true outdoorsy personality, and the color of your ego matches forests, grass, and nature - green!

You are a peaceful, giving, and caring person. You don't like conflict in your life, and you prefer environments where everyone gets along. The color of your ego matches the calm sea - blue!