What Would Your Warning Label Say?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Warning: May Combust With Passion!
You have huge dreams for yourself, and you truly love the work you do. You are a hard worker, and someone who will stand up for what you believe in. You get extremely passionate sometimes, which may lead to tears, yelling, and chaos. Your warning sign should warn against how you may just combust with passion one day!

Warning: May Often Run Away From Problems!
You have been bit by the travel bug. You love experiencing new things and feeling the adrenaline rush that you get when you meet new people or see new places. You hate conflict, and sometimes you run away and go exploring when you feel pushed into a corner. Your warning label may warn against this!

Warning: Comes With Practical Jokes And Sarcasm!
You are fun-loving, quick-witted, and clever. You love joking around and making others laugh. Though your humor is good-natured, others may take it harshly. Your warning label would warn against this unique humor!

Warning: Personality Often Changes!
You are social and outgoing - a true people person. You love being the life of any party you walk into. However, your love of being social means that you may slightly tweak your personality to fit into different crowds. Your warning label would warn others about this!

Warning: May Be Late And Laze Around All Day!
You are peaceful, balanced, and very zen. You have a very relaxed personality, and you don't consider a day of lazing around the house to be a day wasted. Some may say you lack ambition, but you just like being comfortable and don't get upset easily like others. Your warning label would warn about this laid back personality!