How Much Do You Know About Magic?

Do you know a lot about magic? Are you magical? What kind of magic? Find out how much you truly know about everything magic by taking this quiz. Get started now!

Tags: Magic, Trivia, Knowledge, Mysterious

Here are all the results with descriptions

A novice
You have very little knowledge of magic and the magical world. Many people would envy you for still being at the point of total wonder and amazement. It's a good place to be. Unless you want to take over the world, of course.

You know enough to be able to follow your interest in magic. You definitely have an interest and some knowledge of the different types of magic and what you would need to do to practice it. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Do you want the responsibility?

You are almost a true magician! You certainly have a lot of knowledge about all things magical. Your friends probably already think of you as a magician or someone of a related practice. Then again, you could just be really full of trivial knowledge!

You beat this quiz and then some. You must be a true practicer of old magic or stage magic. Maybe you beat parts of this by sleights of hand or magic spells. Only you know. Please use your powers of magic for good!