Which Guinness World Record Should You Try To Break?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Most Cards Stacked
You are very logical, observant, and driven. You also have amazing concentration and patience. Trying to break the record for 'Most Cards Stacked' would be the perfect feat for you to tackle!

The Fastest 100-Meter Run On All Fours
You are athletic and adventurous, always looking for that next big adrenaline rush. Trying to break the 'Fastest 100-Meters on All Fours' record would be the perfect workout adventure for you!

The Largest Line Dance
You are a very friendly, social, and outgoing person. You love interacting with other people, and you're happiest when surrounded by lots of friends and family. Getting lots of friends together to try to break the record for 'Largest Line Dance' is right up your alley!

Largest Gathering Of People Dressed Like Penguins
You are silly and quirky - a true comedian. You love thinking outside of the box and marching to the beat of your own drum. Trying to break the record for the 'Largest Gathering of People Dressed Up as Penguins' would be the perfect funny attempt for you!

Largest Omelette
You are kind-hearted, caring, and protective. You enjoy providing for those you love - whether it be with emotional support, handmade items, or your delicious home-cooked food! Because of this, you're quite the chef and attempting to break the record for 'Largest Omelette' is something you could definitely do!