Which Musical Instrument are You?

What instrument are you most like?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a violin. Gorgeous, classy, and confident, you are considered by many as one of the hardest instruments to play with the most beautiful sound in the world. Think about how that translates over to your personality! People want to be around you, but you can come across as rather reserved which keeps people at a distance.

You are a guitar. You're down-to-earth and functional, with an enormous amount of style. You're also extremely well-liked and popular, no matter where you are or who you're with!

You are the drums. You're wild and carefree, and progressively start the trends and movements that shape popular culture as we know it. You are very social and hate to be alone, but you also hate to be tied down! As strange and complex as this may be, one thing is certain - you definitely march to your own beat!

You are the flute - sweet, sensitive, and shy. You have a magical, dreamlike quality to you that reminds people of woodland fairies and unicorns, elves and little gnomes. You can put people in a trance with your beauty, but you're not about taking advantage of others! Your soul is pure, after all, and your head is in the clouds, not on the ground in the real world.

The Trombone
You are the trombone. You're smart, realistic, outspoken, and oh, just a touch nerdy. But it's ok. Haven't you heard the news? Intelligent and sensible people rule the world nowadays. People love you for your strength in character and sharp wit, and you love the attention.

Oooh, you're the sexy, steel and brass saxophone with those gorgeous mother of pearl buttons and a sound that makes you want to slow dance. You love being in love, romance, and being in the spotlight. You also even relish in the drama that sometimes comes with being such a charismatic, exciting person.