Which Dinosaur Are You?

65 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Take our quiz to find out what kind of dinosaur you'd have been!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Tyrannosaurus Rex
You're a Tyrannosaurus Rex. You're quite possibly the most famous dinosaur in all of today's world, renowned for your impressive size and predatory lifestyle. Though Barney tried pretty hard to change your terrible reputation, your infamy as the cold-blooded, terrifying giant lizard that you are will live on forever. We'd love to say that you're actually sensitive on the inside, with a heart of gold to make up for your horrible behavior. But no, there's no sensitive side to you at all, you monster!

This large, warrior-like dinosaur has an impressive look--with those terrific plates on its back and that powerful looking 'thagomizer' tail. Who wouldn't want this Herculean dino on their team back in the days of the dinosaurs? Your dazzling good looks draw the attention of people miles away, and there's a good chance you could make it as a cover model, reality show star, or some other type of celebrity. We are definitely not implying that you're dumb like a stegosaurus, who had an infamously small brain for its size. On the contrary--all we're saying is that your looks and powerful presence are so magnetic and captivating, that it might be hard to be known for anything else.

The gentle giant was up to 16 meters tall and weighed up to 88 tons, making it one of the tallest and largest dinosaurs known. It didn't have to worry about predators, mostly because of its immense size and massive, powerful tail, so it lived a relatively peaceful life of tree-leaf eating and grazing lazily with its herd. Like the brachiosaurus, you're a calm, peaceful person that others genuinely love to be around. You enjoy a relaxing lifestyle of substantial privilege and effortless good fortune, due to your positive mindset and impressive luck. Never mind all the chaos going on all around you, the rat race is just not for you. You're pure zen, happily eating away at those proverbial trees of abundance in the sky, without a care in the world.

Internationally agreed upon by paleontologists as one of the smartest known dinosaurs that ever existed, Troodons were human-sized predators with extremely sophisticated brains compared with other dinosaurs (in all actuality, though--dinosaurs really weren't all that smart in general, and Troodon's intelligence would have been similar to a really dumb raccoon's). But still. They also had larger eyes and faster reflexes, pretty much making them MVPs of the Cretaceous era. How does this apply to you? Well, you are Troodon, which means that you are faster, smarter, and more awesome than most people on the planet! Which is totally amazing--until you stop to consider the context of being Planet Earth's MVPs, and the mind-blowing immensity of the universe, and the doubtless existence of other, more advanced life forms that do way, way cooler things than you do...in their sleep. So yeah, you're like Troodon, the most intelligent dinosaur of all the dinosaurs. Slow clap.

Triceratops is one of the world's most recognizable dinosaurs, with its massive skull, rhinoceros-like body and distinctive, three horned-face. Triceratops were plant eaters and mostly went about their own business, grazing and standing about, and occasionally running off giant predators that tried to mess with them and their herd. You are a Triceratops. You enjoy a certain amount of solitude, as long as your loved ones are nearby. You are physically imposing and have a dangerous, unapproachable look also known as 'resting bitch face.' While you may or may not feel angry all the time, the expression is a warning that you permanently wear on your handsome face, and other people make sure to keep their distance. You do allow the presence of close family and friends as long as they play by your rules and leave you alone. For those that mess with you, watch out! You have a terrible temper!