What Kind Of Thinker Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Analytical Thinker
As a analytical thinker, you make sure to stay focused to your jobs in front of you. You have a sharp and logical mind and you always have questions you want to ask.

Abstract Thinker
You take a more philosophical approach to your thoughts. You can look at one situations and imagine it in many different outcomes.

Visual Thinker
You tend to think in pictures and use your vast imagination to think about your problems. You have a great photogenic memory that causes it to be much easier for you to pay attention to detail.

Observational Thinker
You tend to keep to yourself and just notice the world around you. You retain information and come up with solutions to your problems by studying the world around you.

Critical Thinker
You are quite an open-minded thinker who likes to use the knowledge and facts to their advantage. You are always thoughtful but you love when details arise and makes a simple problem more complex.