Do You See Yourself As Others See You?

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Spot-on Self-image
Your self-image is exactly the same as others see you! You are able to be self-reflective as well as step outside of the situations you're in to be a bit objective as well. You are wise and able to think clearly to make sound judgments about others and yourself.

Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No
It seems as if you're unsure about exactly what you think about yourself sometimes. At times, your self-image is exactly the same as others see you, and at others, it's totally different. Don't worry though, because self-CONFIDENCE is what is key, and you have plenty of that!

Completely Opposite
It seems as if you see yourself completely differently than how others see you! Whether it's because you're too humble or a tiny bit too vain, we're not sure, but next time you look in the mirror, try to be a bit more objective. What you end up seeing then may surprise you!