How Self-Aware Are You, Actually?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Spiritually self-aware
Congratulations! You are spiritually self-aware. It takes a great deal of reflection and wisdom to get to this stage of self-awareness, so you should be very proud of yourself.

Super self-aware
Wow! You are super self-aware! You know yourself inside and out, and this level of wisdom gives you a great advantage in decision-making, and in living your life generally!

Deeply self-aware
You are deeply self-aware! You have an unusually high level of self-awareness. Good for you! Many people are unwilling to do the amount of reflection and self-examination needed to gain this level of wisdom.

Growing in self-awareness
Good for you! You are still very much in the process of developing your self-awareness. You still have a way to go, but you are not one to shy away from the reflection and self-examination you will need to do. You are strong!

More self-awareness needed
You are a very intelligent person, but you need to do quite a bit more work on your level of self-awareness. There's no need to feel bad about this, though! It's exciting to think that you still have the journey of self-examination and reflection before you!