Are You Ready for Changes in Your Life?

What needs to change?

Tags: Attitude, Lifestyle, Behavior

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Complete Overhaul
Everything must go! And you can't wait! You are more than ready to redo your life and come up with something completely new. You're not afraid of looking forward, who has time to look back? You are eager, excited, and optimistic about the next step of your journey.

Major Changes
You never flinch away from a major undertaking, even when that undertaking is your life. You are ready for changes, big and small. You're the kind of person who thrives on change and never likes to fall into a rut. You feel the most alive when you are exploring!

One Big Change
You have the ability to look at your life with a critical eye. So much of your life is perfect for you, but there is one big change that needs to happen in order to make the rest of pieces fit together that much better, and you don't flinch away from admitting it. You are forthright and confident.

Minor Changes
You know that there is always room for improvement. With a tweak here and a touch there, you could only make your life better. You like to keep busy and have your mind occupied. You're reliable, trustworthy, and conscientious.

One Small Change
You are a perfectionist. You want everything to be perfect, even your life! One small change and it would all be exactly how you want it. You're the kind of person that looks to the details and always wants everything to be just right. After all, why do a job if you're not going to do it right?

No Changes
You are perfectly content, happy, and cozy. The world is your oyster, and your love the life you've been given. You are grateful for what you have, unenvious of what you don't, and happy to accept life as it comes your way.