What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

What do you really want to do with your life? Take this quiz and find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your compassion combined with your desire to see people and creatures whole and vibrant makes you a healer! Professions to consider are those in the medical, mental health, physical fitness, and veterinary fields. You might also think outside the box and look into healing on a spiritual level as a religious leader, alternative medicine practitioner, yoga or martial arts instructor, etc. You probably already have a passion for something that can be turned into a career as a healer!

Your courage, bravery, convictions, and heart can be fully realized in an occupation that helps people in trouble. Possible paths include: police officer, firefighter, paramedic, park ranger, soldier, and even (on the good side!), politician or lawyer, as long as you're fighting injustice! Thanks for all that you do and will do as a hero!

Your love of learning and knowledge and the spread of ideas would be of great value to society. Teachers are found in all avenues of life - if you don't want to teach in a public school classroom, there are so many other places to teach. You could be a learning specialist in an industry that interests you, a member of the clergy, a college professor, a sports coach, a park ranger, a museum tour guide, a librarian, or so many other things that are too numerous to count. You don't even have to appear in front of people to teach - you could be a writer or have a podcast series. Teachers are everywhere!

You love the spotlight and to be acknowledged and applauded, but more than that, you love to entertain. If you don't see yourself as the next big Hollywood star, remember that there are other ways to fill that need. Salespeople, motivational speakers, sign language interpreters, lawyers, teachers and professors, sports players from soccer to horse racing, and even bartenders and servers are all performers. Of course, you could always be an actor, singer, or the next YouTube star, as well!

You long to bring things into this world that have never before existed. There are so many things rolling around inside your head waiting to get out, so why not share them with the world as a creator? You could go the artistic route and be an artist, a writer, or a composer. If your passions are more technological, scientific, or mathematical, you could be an engineer, architect, inventor, or scientist. The possibilities are endless for those who create!

If something is lost, you want to find it. If something is broken, you want to fix it. If something is unknown, you want to discover the answers. Solvers keep the world moving forward, so you're in good company! There are careers for every interest a solver might have. If you like to fix things, you could be a mechanic, plumber, engineer, carpenter, IT professional, etc. If you like to find lost things or answer questions, you could be a police investigator, archaeologist, geologist, research historian, or even an international spy. Whatever your current interests are, there are problems within them that can be solved and someone that does that for a living!