How Texan Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

15% Texan
You are 15% Texan! You must prefer big crowded cities over slow, family-oriented Texas life. No worries though, you've still got a little bit of Texas in you!

58% Texan
You're 58% Texan! While you adore the idea of riding over many acres of land on the back of a horse or down home Texas style barbecues, you've still got some city in you. You're about half and half, I'd say!

72% Texan
You're 72% Texan! You appreciate line dancing, soulful country music, and rodeos as much - if not more - than any Texas native, and it shows!

97% Texan
You are 97% Texan! Either you're from Texas or you've simply fallen in love with the Texan way of life, but you've got lots of country in your bones. Whether it's hosting big family backyard barbecues or dancing the night away to your favorite country music artists, you've got lots of Texas spirit and pride in you!