Where Will You Live in 3 Years?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are strong and determined. People don't mess with you, that's why the lone star state is where you belong. People flock to Texas for its job opportunities, big cities and wide open spaces. The homes here are just as big as Texas attitudes. In three years you will live in Texas.

Beaches, Mountains, the Redwood Forest, and Hollywood, California has something for everyone. Sure it has a high cost of living, but you will make enough money here to be able to afford it. You will be able to enjoy the great outdoors one day and brush elbows with celebrities the next. In three years you will live in California.

This Pacific Northwest beauty is the home to the tech industry. Microsoft and Starbucks call Seattle home but the natural beauty beyond the Emerald city is breathtaking. You don't mind the rain and love the outdoors. You enjoy hiking and walking along the Puget Sound. That's why in three years you will live in Washington.

You are ready for an endless summer. Florida is not just for retirees anymore. It offers major theme parks in Orlando, a distinct Latin flair in Miami and the relaxed and laid back attitude of Key West. You are ready to stick your toes in the sand and feel as if you are on a never-ending vacation. In three years you will live in Florida.

Mountain air and gorgeous views are in your near future. You will experience every one of the four seasons at their best. You can spend your summers white water rafting and your winter's skiing the slopes. Colorado offers both large cities and small mountain towns. In three years you will live in Colorado.

You prefer the solitude and peaceful existence that Vermont will offer. You don't mind long winters spent skiing and reading a good book by the crackling fire. The summers here are peaceful and serene and the fall colors are the most beautiful in the world. In three years you will live in Vermont.

You are drawn to the East Coast. Virginia is full of history and played an integral role in the start of our nation. You can live in a rural suburb and commute to Washington DC or in Virginia Beach and be close to the water. You will fall in love with all four seasons. In three years you will live in Virginia.