What Perfume Scent Should You Wear?

Which scent best matches your personality?

Tags: Woman, Preference

Here are all the results with descriptions

Unusual, unique, dark, bold, and powerful, this scent is just like you. You are daring, adventurous, and audacious. You're not afraid of anything and you are truly, uniquely, absolutely yourself.

You love to laugh and have a good time. You are peppy and bright, always making other people smile and always up for a good time. You're always up for a good party! People love being around you and find your cheerful disposition both attractive and catching.

Rich and layered, this scent matches the many complex facets of your personality. You are a complex person who it can take a long time to get to know. You are intellectual and thoughtful. You don't rush into anything and you choose the people you trust carefully.

Lavender is a soothing, calming scent, just like your personality. You have an innate talent for calming people down and bringing peace to troubled situations. You are good at listening to people and talking things through. You never jump to hasty conclusions and you don't easily lose your temper.

Sweet, nice, and truly lovable, this scent is you all over! You have an endearing and enchanting personality. There is nothing you value as much as being around the people you love. You're the quintessential girl-next-door.

You play, work, and live on your own terms. You're not afraid of what other people think. You have a plan and you stick to it. You can be single-minded when focused on your goals. There is a determination to you which is very attractive.