Are You Currently Living In The Past, Present Or Future?

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You're Living In The Present
You're living in the now and you're making sure to make the the most of it. You have no reason to dwell on the past or anticipate the future since you're living in the present. You savor every moment and you're grateful for each and everyday.

You're Living In The Past
Your mind seems to still be stuck in the past. Whenever something you see reminds you of the past, you're struck with a great feeling of nostalgia. While you may miss the past, it's also good to look back on the past and reflect on old actions and mistakes.

You're Living In The Future
You're anticipating the future and all that it holds. You have your eyes on the success that you're certain the future will bring you. You think about how the future may turn out and so you're constantly preparing for it. You can't wait to see what's out there.