How Free Is Your Spirit?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Completely Free
You are a completely free person who has no cares about what others think. You do what you want and have no problems standing out from the crowd. You don't worry about how others perceive you.

Almost Perfectly Free
You're a pretty independent person who usually does whatever you want. You do have times where you may doubt your actions or worry about what others may think but those times are very far and few between.

Halfway Free
While you do make a lot of decisions based on your feelings, you will sometimes second guess yourself. You are a pretty carefree person otherwise and you tend to try and express your individuality.

Not As Free As You'd Like
You wish you could do as you please or say whatever is on your mind but that's just not how you work. While you do express your own individuality, you care about what other people may think of you. You like to keep up appearances.