What Era Should You Have Been Born In?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Roaring Twenties
You got the roaring twenties! With your old fashioned but rebellious sense of style, you fit in right with the changing times of the twenties. You are all about making a statement in a classy way.

Lovely Fifities
You got the lovely fifties! You have a modest and sweet sense about your personality. You like things simple while being close to your friends and family.

Swinging Seventies
You got the swinging seventies! With it's bright colors and wild spirit, it fits right in with your free loving personality. You are laid back and love to go with the flow.

Sweet Nineties
You got the sweet nineties! You have a rebellious and edgy yet curious side of you. You are daring and adventurous, willing to try new things such as dye your hair a bright pink.

Wonderful Now
You got the wonderful now! You're right where you're suppose to be! You have a mix of all eras that mesh into your personality. Fun loving, daring, and laid back. You're all about new advances in the world such as technology.