What Flower Is Your Soul?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You're a passionate and individualistic person which is why this unique flower suits you so well. You're not one to hide away but rather you shine with a passion that many cannot ignore. You're beautiful and unique and people realize that as soon as they see you.

You tend to be a simple and traditional person which is why chrysanthemums suit your soul. While you may be simple, you have a lot to offer and people may not realize that right away. You're a loving person who has a big heart and will do anything to help others.

Nature is where you belong, it's where you feel most at peace and that's why a daisy fits your soul. You tend to be easily influenced by your environment and will adapt to new changes. You have a very restless soul that only feels calm in nature.

Quiet yet passionate, you're soul represents the magnificent orchid. You are a more reserved person who tends to shy away from people. You feel most calm when you're alone and can let your mind wander about.

A Rose is definitely one that suits your romantic personality. You're charming yet sweet and you have a lot hiding under your personality. While you may be passionate, you're also graceful in life. You're a complex person who's also very sensual and captivating.