How Tolerant Are You?

Are you nonjudgmental?

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Completely Tolerant
As far as you're concerned, anything goes! You are accepting of anything and everything people want to do. Maybe you take it a little too far sometimes, maybe there are some things that you shouldn't accept, but people find your open and accepting nature appealing and they can trust you to be completely nonjudgmental when they come to you with a problem.

Extremely Tolerant
You will accept just about anything. As long as no one is hurting themselves or others, you have no problems with anything people decide to do. You are open and understanding. But when something deeply violates your principles you will still stand up against it with great passion.

Somewhat Tolerant
You are tolerant about some things and intolerant about others that might surprise people. You judge the world on a case by case basis, carefully considering each issue from every angle. While some people might disagree with the conclusions you come to, you only reach those conclusions after careful consideration.

A Little Tolerant
It's not that you don't have strong opinions on what is wrong and right and how people should behave, you do, but you don't let that get in the way of social interactions. You can be friendly and hospitable to people you don't agree with, but maybe you should do a little less quiet judging in your head.

Not Tolerant
You have a strongly defined sense of right and wrong and you know what people should or shouldn't do. You are deeply concerned with your own actions and morality and whether or not you are doing the right thing. Maybe you should open your mind a little bit when it comes to how others act and think. You have a good heart, you just need your mind to be a little more kind.

Trying to be Tolerant
You try hard to approach the world with an open mind and not to judge anyone. Sometimes it's hard when you're faced with something from a different culture or walk of life. But when your gut reaction is to reject something, you always move past your first impulse and try to see the issue from an unbiased and objective view.