We’ll Tell You Who You Are Based On Your Sandwich Preferences!

Here are all the results with descriptions

Loyal And Dependable
Based on your sandwich preferences you are loyal and dependable! Your basic sandwich preferences mean that you're a no frills kind of gal. You prefer things to be simple rather than complicated, easy rather than convoluted, and tasty rather than trying.

Fearless And Fair
Your sandwich preferences tell us that you're fearless and fair! Not only are you willing to give anything new a try once, but you've never met a risk that you found unworthy of taking. You see life as an epic adventure worth embracing!

Keen And Intelligent
Based on your sandwich preferences you are keen and intelligent! You choose your sandwich toppings from a place of logic rather than randomness. This speaks of your intelligence, ability to problem solve, and unshakeable wit.

Charming And Confident
Based on your sandwich preferences you are charming and confident! Has anyone ever told you that you're a charmer? It's true! You sandwich preferences prove that you're not afraid of anything. Not only will you try anything once, but you'll likely charm everyone in the room at the same time.

Imaginative And Dutiful
Based on the results of this quiz you are imaginative and dutiful! You live in a world of rich imagination and vivid artistry. Sometimes you choose your sandwiches based on how they look or appeal to the eye rather than how they might taste!