What Is Your Craziest Fantasy?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Save The World
While there may never be a time where you need to save the world, you still like to imagine it. You want to be thought of as a hero who saves lives. You've probably admired superheroes as a child and you want to be just like them.

Winning The Lottery
While this may be a pretty common fantasy, it's wild to you because you never imagine it happening to you. You know that it's a high chance that it will probably never happen but you can't but have hope.

Having Superpowers
Nothing would be more exciting to you than having awesome superpowers. You'd be able to a multitude of cool things and you could use your powers for good if you chose to. You'd definitely be admired and envied.

Appearing In A Fantasy World
Now this is obviously something that would never happen but who doesn't like to picture themselves in a fantasy world such as their favorite TV show? You think it would be pretty cool to appear in a world from your favorite show, book, movie, etc.

Being Able To Time Travel
It would definitely be exciting to be able to time travel and see different time periods. You'd like to be able to experience the past or future at your own leisure and see what the world has to offer you.